WIT Mission



This blog has went in several different directions since I have started it. My life has also went in different directions. What started out as a showplace for the beauty of God’s creations through photos, has turned into a mission for knowledge and truth.  Below are the goals for my mission.



1.   To share the truth of God’s word.

2.   To spread the bible knowledge that I gain through my studies.

3.   To use the passion of my beliefs for the benefit and glory of God

4.   To show the existence of God in our everyday lives.

5.   To expose the doctrines of man.

6.   To hold fast to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

7.   To reach out to those who are trying to find their way in life.

8.   To use the experiences of my life as a tool for learning.

9.   To continue to grow spiritually.

10. To keep moving forward no matter what obstacles that I may face.


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