Study Helps/Links

027 - CopyAs I keep my journey moving forward, I keep discovering new sites and materials that help me. I go to many different places for learning. Like any investigation, I find it best to gather all evidence from different sources and analyze my findings. The final word of course is God’s word 🙂 I want to share these in the hope that they may help you too 🙂  




YouVersion – bible app for cell, pc, and tablet. You can read many different translations, receive the “verse of the day”, create bookmarks and highlights within the app, and view and complete bible reading plans within the app

Young’s Analytical Concordance – This was my father’s and was given to me. I have found this to be a great help. Any word that you can think of from the bible….its in there…. with scripture title, chapter, and number!

Watchtower and Awake Magazines – these can be found on and can be read on the site. These magazines cover many topics and provide scripture quotes for you to reference

Books by author Joe Crews – I found these inspirational books on There are free books available to order, and some are for sale. Different subjects are covered and can provide insight and can aid in understanding the issues of life







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