Q & A


What is the purpose of WIT?  WIT was created to spread the true word of God to as many as possible through bible stories, bible verses, and the unfolding of everyday life events.

Who created WIT?  WIT was created by Janet Dawson, a married mother of 2 from West Virginia.

How did WIT get its name?  After going through many things in life, I (Janet Dawson) was led in the direction of bible truth. Since my failing health has prevented me from attending church regularly, I have found another way to fellowship with believers…..the internet. While sometimes laying in the floor and sick, I have posted to this blog. After deciding the direction that I wanted this blog to go in, I wanted to purchase a domain to keep it going for as long as possible. While I was given part of the site title perhaps spiritually, I had to chose the complete title at the time of the domain purchase. As if being led mentally, the words “Walking In Truth” immediately sprang to my mind.

Will WIT try to sell me anything or ask for donations?  Absolutely not. At no time will I ever try to sell anyone anything. I will never ask anyone for money for any reason. WIT is for informational purposes only.

What type of communication is acceptable at WIT?  I can be contacted on the “Contact/Chat” page by filling out the box in the middle. On the same page, on the left, you can find my email address. On the right side of the page my mailing address and telephone number can be found. And comments are always encouraged 🙂

Are visitors and followers encouraged to contact WIT regularly?  Absolutely. I would love to hear from you 🙂

Who can follow WIT?  Anyone who has WordPress can click the “follow” button on the upper right corner of the Home Page. Anyone can follow my blog by email by clicking the button on the upper right corner of the Home Page under the words “Get WIT by Email”.

Are there any rules or guidelines that I should be aware of?  Yes. While WIT is a public site and open to everyone from those who believe to those who do not, I request that all forms of communication be in a respectful nature. I will not tolerate rude, vulgar, lewd, violent, or any other form of comments such as this at ANY time. For that purpose, all comments are subject to my approval.


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