I find myself in at a very interesting point in my life. After not really caring about things of this nature, suddenly I care. After thinking that my opinion would never matter, I think now it might. What changed? Was there a significant event that drastically changed my outlook? Why is it that at age 39 I have finally made this decision? Why have I made the decision to vote?


I spent my life thinking that my opinion would never matter. To be honest, it never really has in my life….about pretty much anything. I have been degraded, abused, ridiculed, neglected, and violated. This wasnt done to me by my government. It was done to me by people who claimed to care about me and love me. In my eyes, if those closest to me who knew me could do it, my government who didnt know me would be no better. So, I stayed silent…..until now.


I have began taking an interest in politics for the first time ever. Some might say it was because a woman is a candidate. That is a yes and no answer. How can it be both? The answer is not that simple. As a woman, a female president should be an exciting idea. However, it is my opinion that it should be the RIGHT woman. I do not see Hillary Clinton as the right candidate. Why? In the beginning, I was reading alot of media articles. Listening to the opinions of others. I decided to go to her website to read her position on the issues and listen to her speeches myself. What I have found is that she comes across as an advocate for children, but supports abortion. She talks of improvement of healthcare, but wants to continue Obamacare. She talks harshly of her oppponent, but dislikes it when he dishes it back. Has spent great amounts of money on smear ads, but says she wants to help all Americans. That money could have went to a more worthy cause. I see her saying one thing but doing another. She has had years in the political arena, but what has she accomplished?


As for Donald Trump, at first I didnt care for him at all. The truth is, other than him being some rich guy, I didnt know much about him. As I did with Hillary, I went to Donald Trump’s website. I have listened to him speak. What do I take away from him? His position on the issues, for the most part, I agree with. In particular, his position on abortion and Obamacare. Those things are very personal to me. When it comes to his speeches, things get a little tricky. I have never heard a candidate speak the way that he does. He doesnt hold his tongue. If he has something to say, he says it in whatever way he wants. That is a good thing….in a way. However, he does have a tendency to speak before he thinks. This has landed him in trouble at times. On the other hand, I dont feel as if he is hiding behind teleprompter.


So, my political decision comes down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. One is a woman who wants to continue a healthcare system that my husband and I, as well as others are penalized for each year due to us falling into the income cracks by not being able to afford insurance. A woman who supports the murder of innocent babies who could be adopted (this excludes the potential death of the mother of course). The other is a hot tempered man who speaks his mind, has been a successful businessman, wants to discontinue Obamacare, and supports the life of innocent unborn babies.


I have already seen this election drive a wedge between families, friends, and this country. It should not be this way. The purpose of an election should not be division. It should be unity. We all live here. We should all unite to celebrate the freedom of voicing our opinions. We should feel lucky that we have the right to choose. Many countries do not. Instead, we have chosen to degrade, ridicule, and in some cases perpertrate violent acts on others for having opposing opinions. This was not the intentions of our constitution. We complain about politicians violating the constitution, but fail to see our own violations.


For me, the choice is clear. For others, it may not be as clear. For some, they may not share my opinions on the issues. That is ok with me. I am not the type to hold a grudge, degrade, or ridicule someone for having a different opinion. America is made up of a diverse group of people. We do not march to the beat of the same drummer. We all have the right to form our own opinion. I have made the choice to voice my opinion. I look forward to my first time voting and hope that this country can recover and prosper.



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