A World That Is Lost

As an adult, I remember a verse from the song “We Are the Reason” that my mother used to play when I was little. The verse says, “To a world that was lost he gave all he could give.” A world that was lost pretty much says it all. Each day I read or see something that really illustrates how lost this world is. In particular, this “I forgot my child in a hot car” line. As a woman, mother, and child of God I am beyond fed up!

I have two children of my own. When they were small they would take naps while riding in the car with me. At no time did I ever forget that they were there! How could I? Since the day that they were born, they became my responsibility. I could not pretend that they did not exist let alone forget them. Am I saying that parenting is easy? Absolutely not! The challenges we faced today as parents with all of the temptations and evil that can overcome not only us but our children is overwhelming. But, as a parent we should have been fully aware that the road to raising children is not paved in gold.

In all of my years on earth, I have never heard of so many instances of parents forgetting their children in hot cars, neglecting their children in the home, and murdering them. I am aware that this has happened throughout history, but the most disturbing part of this is when parents are not held accountable for their actions. Why is this so common now as opposed to 30+ years ago? I have a theory. Let’s look at what is missing in our homes and schools. In a word….GOD!

God  and prayer has been taken out of schools for fear of offending those who do not believe. There have been nonbelievers for ages and this wasnt an issue. We are being taught to tolerate and accept beliefs different from our own by getting our own beliefs taken away. What a lesson! In the home, too many people are trying to adapt to “modern ideas” on religion. Finding loopholes in scripture to justify their own behaviors. Parents do not speak about God enough, or at all. Social media has become the staple of communication, even in the same home! What happened to the days of family dinners at the table? It seems as if its just a distant memory now. What this all comes down to is a break in family communication and a denial of God which is leading to stress, intolerance, and the destruction of spiritual lives and the family unit.

If you have read and studied the bible enough, you know that Satan is the ruler of this world. His presence is shown daily with wars, murder, rape, sexual immorality, theft, etc and the destruction of Christianity. We have read about these last days. Scripture tells us clearly in 2Tim 3:1-5 some facts about what happens within the family as well as the general behavior of people. An absence of God is very clear. It was clear when the bible was written just as it is clear now.

Thirty years ago, you didnt hear stories almost daily of parents killing their children. We said the pledge every morning in school and included “One nation under God”. We had family dinner on Sunday. We actually spoke to one another rather than texting. We did not refrain from speaking about God because we were afraid of offending someone. Those who believed went to church. Those who did not believe stayed home. It was simple! Parents still had problems with their children and were not afraid of properly disciplining them. It doesnt take a genius to figure out how things went downhill so quickly.

For those who believe, we need to study our scriptures for we know the battle ahead. For those who do not believe, I beg you to please start reading the bible. Please just open your heart and mind. We are all in danger here. We are in a terrible danger of being consumed by the work of Satan who is the author of confusion and the father of lies. By applying ourselves to learning, living, and knowing the word of God we can strengthen our faith and one day leave behind this……





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