God’s Alarm

Have you ever woke up and didnt know why? For me, sleep isnt something that I do very much of. It has been thought by many that the time I spend in bed is spent sleeping. I wish! The truth is that it would take me 24hrs in bed to just sleep 8hrs. I suffer from insomnia. So, when I wake up, I check off the usual suspects. Do I need to use the bathroom? Am I having stomach pains? Is one of the kids up? Is Michael snoring? Are the dogs barking? Are my neighbors making noise? Most of the time one of the above is the cause, but not every time.

Yesterday morning I woke up. What I noticed was that all was quite in my home and outside. I wasnt in any pain either. I did have something different to happen though. My mind was on God as soon as I was awake. Words started coming into my mind. Scriptures that I had read. Studying that I have done recently. Then the title “God’s Alarm” came into my mind. My mind was flooded all at once. Instead of following the words “Write it”, I kept putting it off. I kept telling myself that I was just tired and overwhelmed. I let my ADD interfere. So, what happened? I slept 2 hours in the past 24hrs! Why? Well, here is what I firmly believe….

First, I was awakened because God needed my attention. Second, I was blessed with the ability to read and to write in a way that can appeal to many. Third, God was telling me that he needed me to write this and that I am letting worldly things get in my way. Fourth, THAT is the purpose of this website… share my many experiences of my spiritual journey with the world. Fifth, to pay attention when God is trying to WAKE ME UP! Last, and most importantly, God is using me….yes little insignificant me, to speak to the world. To use my passion for my beliefs, my determination to get people’s attention, and my unique gift of words.

We all have a purpose. Some of us are called to preach. Some are called to sing. Some are called to play their instruments skillfully. Some are called to be missionaries. Some become monks, priests, or nuns. Some become faithful husbands, wives, and mothers. Some are called to spread the truth by various means. This is where I fit in. This is where I believe that God wants me to be. I have a gift just as unique as I am. So do you 🙂

The next time that you wake up without explanation there might be a very good reason. In our busy everyday lives we often dont have time for so many things. Unfortunately, one of the things we often do not have time for is God. Sad….but true. So, when would be the best time for God to get your attention? When you are relaxed in a calm and quiet home. Just listen in the silence. Feel with an open heart. He is not as far away as you think!

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