The Grand Artist

After a long and rough Winter, I was happy to see the sunshine. Earlier this week, we had a warm spell. Temperatures actually reached the low 70’s! As I was sitting at the table on one of these warm evenings, I glanced out of my window and noticed that everything looked strange outside. My first thought was that I was having one of my dizzy spells and that was why everything looked so strange. It wasn’t until Michael looked outside, that I realized that my eyes were not playing tricks on me. This wasn’t a trick by any means. It was a gift from the grand artist….our Heavenly Father.

After Michael looked, he said, “You need to go get your camera….and hurry. This isn’t going to last long.” I immediately got my trusty L110, and stepped outside. When I looked up, I saw traces of pink that looked as if they had been painted in the sky with a paintbrush. But I had one problem. The mountains were blocking me from getting a good shot. Here, where my house is, I am “sandwiched” between 2 mountains with only a one lane dirt road between my yard and the mountains. Clearly, this was not going to work. Knowing that I only had a short time frame, I had to act fast.

I started walking down the road toward an area with a larger space between the mountains. As I got to the crossroads, I saw another color even more brilliant than the first. I said to myself, “Oh God. How beautiful.” Then I ran to the clearing and looked up. The picture featured here is what I saw. By crouching down in the middle of the road, I got this shot. I stayed until the colors faded. My Heavenly Father provided me with this exhibit of beauty, and I was honored and thankful to be able to capture it 🙂

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