Driven By Faith

I may be a little biased here, but I love to hear Michael play. His musical journey has been a long one and a trying one at times. Michael does not have the “born with it” natural ability when it comes to playing bass. All of his talent had to be learned. He had the desire, but not the knowledge. With having trouble remembering chords, this process has been very difficult for him. The one thing that he did have in abundance was faith. Faith and desire have driven him to learn. I, for one, couldnt be more proud of him. After all, he is my husband 🙂

For years Michael wanted to learn how to play guitar. We didnt have money for professional lessons, so our options were kind of limited. He knew a few people that could teach him, but nobody seemed to have the time. Finally, in 2012, his cousin began teaching him chords. By the spring of 2013, Michael was slowly learning to put the chords together and formed a few songs. Together, Michael and his cousin made a few homemade videos of their songs. In early fall of 2013, they had added our nephew, who played drums, to the mix and the band C.R.O.S.S. had been formed. They had a great sound. You can watch their videos at Unfortunately, the band was short-lived and ended in December of 2013.

As for Michael, he still wanted to further his bass learning and wanted to keep playing. Quitting his job and pursing music full-time was not an option for him, so playing as he was able was his only route. After making the statement “I want to play for the Lord” many times, I told him that the answer was obvious. He should take his guitar and play at the church. So that is what he started doing. He would take his cell phone, play the tracks that he had played with his cousin and nephew over the microphone, and play along with them. That made him happy, but he still missed playing with the band. Yesterday, out of nowhere, he received a message from our kids’ bus driver to call him. When Michael called, he was asked to come to their church and play bass. Can anyone guess what Michael’s answer was? 

Matthew 21:22 – “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

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