Death Wish

We all have to face the rough side of life at one time or another. This can be in the form of illness, financial troubles, family conflict etc. It is when situations like these feel as if they are crushing your spirit that you are in danger. Unfortunately, this is how I am feeling at the present time. I feel as if I am continuously getting hit with one thing after another….and Im starting to get sore. I have found myself wishing for death. Before anyone gets alarmed, I want to clarify that last statement. It is not death by suicide that I am wishing for. It is the death of the spirit of depression that I am wishing for.

I have found myself trying to imagine the future. The future of Jesus’ return. The future of a resurrection into the Heavenly Kingdom. I daydream about the possibility of living in a world with no sickness, hunger, war, death, or any evil act. In my worst times, while thinking about that, I feel a smile form on my face. To die on this earth and be resurrected into the Heavenly Kingdom would be the greatest gift. Just like countless others, I will await my time to return unto dust. I will continue on with my mission to try and reach others with the word of God, and strive be a better wife, mother, and Christian.

I may be down….but I am not out!!!!

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