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The Faith of Noah

IMG_0716In a world where sin and corruption were increasingly on the rise, Noah stood out from the crowd. He didn’t follow the evil ways that were considered normal. Noah loved and obeyed God. It surely couldn’t have been easy living in a world such as this. In fact, the world had gotten so bad that God decided to destroy it! Noah’s great-grandfather Enoch, had foretold that the day of judgment was coming upon the ungodly people of the earth. Noah was about to find out….great-grandpa was right!

One day, God spoke unto Noah. He told Noah that he was going to destroy the earth and that he wanted Noah to build an ark. God gave Noah the exact dimensions of how he wanted the ark built. He also made a covenant with Noah. In this covenant, upon completion of the ark, Noah was to go inside the ark and take his wife, his 3 sons, his 3 daughter-in-laws, and animals of every kind. (Genesis 6:18-19) Noah was to take food for all. Noah did as God had instructed him.

Just as in today’s world, you know that there were some that thought that Noah had lost his mind. Here this man was building an ark (a very large one) and working so diligently. They never offered to help. These people were so lost that the word of God had no effect on them. But did the attitudes of these people hinder Noah? Absolutely not! Noah kept moving forward. Noah knew what was about to happen. He knew that a deluge that had never been seen before, was about to happen right on earth! He knew that he had a specific amount of time in which to accomplish his work. Most of all, Noah believed God’s words.

After Noah completed the building of the ark, he did just as God had instructed him. He went into the ark along with his wife, his 3 sons, his son’s wives, and the animals. They watched as the rains began. They listened as the waters filled the earth. They listened as the waters swept the people away. Could you ever imagine that? Imagine hearing the cries of your neighbors and knowing that they were going to die, but helping them was not an option. For forty days and forty nights the rain came down. (Genesis 7:12) The waters stayed upon the earth 150 days.

After God caused a wind to pass over the earth and the waters stopped, Noah opened the window of the ark. Noah sent a raven out which went to and fro until the waters were dried up. He also sent out a dove to see if the waters were dried up but the dove found no rest for her foot so she came back. Noah stayed another 7 days in the ark and sent the dove out again. This time, she came back with an olive leaf in her mouth. Noah knew that the waters were dried up.

God spoke unto Noah and told him to come out of the ark along with his family and the animals. God blessed Noah and his family. He told them to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. He also wanted the animals to do the same. So they all went forth on the newly cleansed land. It must have been a strange, but wonderful feeling, to be in a world that was no longer corrupt and full of sin. The world was their own :). If it hadn’t been for the faith of Noah, and of his family, they would have died along with everyone else. The question that we now have before us is simple. When Jesus returns, do we want to live forever in his Kingdom, or do we want to be swept away unto death?

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    • Thank you for reading. You know, there are so many times in my life that I have just gave up on things. I am sure glad that I dont do that anymore. I pray that one day I can achieve the amount of faith that a person such as Noah had 🙂

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