Time Together

IMG_20150214_213055Throughout our life together, Michael and I have went in all sorts of directions. We have definitely had our share of “ups and downs.” We have came very close to divorcing. One of the biggest issues in our relationship was getting enough time together. Either he was working, or I was dealing with the kids or sick….and so on. At a certain point, we began to resent each other and turn to other more convenient sources to gain the attention that we so desperately needed from each other. Did this solve our problems? No. Did this bring us closer together? No. All that it accomplished was us spending the rare moments that we did actually have the opportunity to talk either ignoring each other or arguing.

In the years that followed this, we slowly began to repair our relationship. We basically started over as being friends. We slept in separate bedrooms, had casual conversation, and would “hang out”  together. With time, we both  discovered the person that we once knew and fell in love with all over again. But, there were still a few obstacles in our way. One of which was my resistance to hear or believe anything about God’s word along with my new world of Atheism. Not the ideal situation for any married couple. That is for sure. But we kept on moving forward. I know it couldn’t have been easy for Michael, and I am thankful each day that he was patient with me and didn’t give up. More importantly, God never gave up 🙂

How did we solve our issue of having time together?  Once I finally accepted Jesus into my heart, it all seemed to fall into place. I know that sounds like a cliché, but it is true. It is not always smooth sailing. We still don’t agree on every little thing in life, but we choose to focus on what we do agree on….the bible. Since I have started my mission for biblical truth, I find myself excited to tell Michael the things that I have discovered. Instant positive conversation 🙂 Also, we have dedicated ourselves to a bible reading plan. Each evening when he gets home from work, we sit down and read our chapters or verses for the day and discuss them. I am here to tell you that there is no better way for a married couple to spend their time together especially in these times. We go to bed each night refreshed in the word, and ready to see what lies ahead tomorrow……together 🙂 

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