Another Goal Achieved

IMG_20150223_192324_editI just completed another goal that I had set for myself. I completed my third bible course 🙂 While these are not university accredited courses, to me they are important. They have helped me so much with my bible learning. And I have already learned more than I ever thought possible. My intention for posting this is not to brag or boast. My intention is to perhaps inspire those who have a desire for learning but are having hindering issues in their lives.

This journey of learning has been a rough one at times. My failing health has really taken its toll. At present, I weigh only 85lbs. Sixteen months ago, I weighed 148lbs. I have several health issues that are going against me all at once. In the beginning of my studies, I would let it hinder me. I would lay in the floor so sick that I thought I was gonna die. After some time, I decided that if I was going to die, I wanted to die with knowledge. So, while mostly laying down, I went online and searched for bible courses. Once I found the right ones, I jumped in full throttle. As soon as I got a taste of learning, I just couldn’t stop. Somewhere in the middle of all of that, I felt led to start this blog and to share my experiences, my love for our Heavenly Father, and share the things that I have learned 🙂


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