For or Against?

cats-cropAs Christians, sometimes we think that we have our spiritual life under control. We go to church, we pray, we read our bible, we don’t drink alcohol, we don’t take drugs, we are faithful to our spouse….and so on. The thought that we could be serving Satan in any way does not occur to us. The truth is that the little things that we do not consider could very well be the downfall of our Christian lives.

A few years ago, when I first gave my life to the Lord, I heard our pastor preaching about “not serving two masters. I know what it means to serve two masters. What I didn’t know was what is required in order to be considered serving. Since I started reading the bible with a thirst for knowledge, I have made many discoveries on this subject. My first mission was to find the verse that my pastor was referring to in his sermon. Matt 6:24 – “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” This means that there is no “middle ground.” You cannot be lukewarm. You are either hot or cold. You are either for or against.

But how do we serve God? Peter provided us a great example. Lets look at how he did it. Peter done his daily work, listened to Jesus’ word, obeyed God’s will, and continued in repentance and faith. In terms of daily work, you may be saying to yourself, “I work such long hours and I am so tired when I get home that I don’t have anything left.” That may be true, and is true for a lot of people. But ask yourself this….”During break time, how am I acting? Am I using that time wisely?” My husband, for example, drives a truck. While he is waiting to drop off the load, he reads his bible. During times that his truck has been serviced, he has talked to co-workers about God. Our opportunity for hearing Jesus’ word can come to us from reading the bible or attending church and hearing good ole’ bible truth preaching. Obeying God’s will is fulfilled by living in a way pleasing to our Heavenly Father. Reading the bible, praying, attending church, uplifting one another, giving with gladness, and abstaining from sinful behaviors that can harm the temple of God within you. Faith is of upmost importance. Without faith, you cannot believe. Without belief, you are lost. Repentance comes by accepting your sinful behavior, asking to be forgiven, and striving to live a better life.

Now, we come to the next question. How do we serve Satan? Examples of this behavior are fornication, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, lying, treating others as if they have no value, worshipping the dead, dismissing the teachings of Jesus, ignoring the 10 Commandments, loving money….and so on. Having a quick temper and jumping to conclusions have always been my major downfalls. Those behaviors are exactly the type of actions that Satan looks favorably upon. Thinking about how happy that those actions must have made Satan really makes me feel ashamed. As well it should!  James 1:19  states, “Be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath.” Ok, that one hit me like a ton of bricks to say the least! Proverbs 18:13 says, “He that answers in a matter before he hears it, it is folly and a shame unto him.” After reading that one, I got a little sore from those bricks!

What is most important to remember is that we can be forgiven….if we ask. We can live a better spiritual life if we seek it with our whole heart. We can overcome the influence of Satan in our lives….if we really want it. With God, all things are possible. Matthew 7:7 assures us that if we ask, it shall be given. If we seek, we shall find. If we knock, it shall be opened unto us. If you fall, don’t give into Satan’s lies such as “You messed up, God doesn’t love you anymore. Its ok, you don’t have to always obey God. Serving me does not have all of those rules.” The decision is, of course, your own. It comes down to this…..


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