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Joseph and Mary: A Couple to Admire

facebook-20140622-232920In today’s world, with divorce being so easy to obtain, it is very hard to comprehend a time when trust and faith played such a prominent role in relationships. When thinking about couple from the bible, one pair stands out in my mind. They were Mary and Joseph. Most of us know the general story of these two. But have we really stopped to think about what they had to face, endure and overcome just to be together?

Imagine what it must have been like for Joseph to discover Mary’s pregnancy. Imagine what it was like for Mary to face him. Now, in this day and time, his first thought would have been something like “You have betrayed me! You need to leave!” Most likely she would have cried profusely. To make matters worse, this could have all taken place with a crowd of witnesses. The shame and embarrassment that these two would have faced in today’s world would have been awful. 

Thankfully, the situation didn’t happen the way that I had described. In fact, it was handled with maturity, dignity, and grace. Matt 1:19 says “Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.” He didn’t yell, call her names, or embarrass her. Later, as he was thinking about the situation and had fallen asleep, the angel of the Lord appeared in a dream and told him that the child that she carried was of the Holy Ghost. Now, Joseph knew the truth. But it couldn’t have been all smooth sailing for this couple.

As in every situation, there will be naysayers. You know the kind. The type of people that look for the worst in a person. I have little doubt that Mary was accused of being unfaithful to Joseph by several people. I also have little doubt that Joseph was told by others to leave Mary because of her condition. When Mary told others who the father of her child was, you can about imagine some of the responses. She was probably thought of as crazy by quite a few people. They just could not comprehend that she carried the son of God within her.

But, they rose above the gossip, mockery, and unbelievers. They remained together. After Jesus was born, they had relations and in time had other children. Mary was a loving and supportive mother. Joseph was a caring father who taught Jesus carpentry. They both raised Jesus knowing exactly who he was and his purpose. They made a life for themselves and their children. Mary and Joseph loved and respected each other. They had an amazing amount of faith and respect for God. They lived their lives in a way pleasing to God. For these reasons, I admire this couple. Marital qualities like their’s are commonly missing from today’s marriages. Being like this couple should be a goal for all married couples. Love, faith, respect, mild tempers, a willingness to listen, and facing problems together are the ingredients for a successful marriage. Wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. This was a good point. I agree people are missing out on what really matters. That is Love, Joy, and Peace and Respect for one another. Where can you find all of these thing’s you ask? I can tell you! It’s in the KJV of the Holy Bible.


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