A Goal Achieved

Throughout my life, I had set goals for myself. Sadly, I didn’t see most of them through. I would get discouraged, frustrated, listen to the opinions of others, and then give up. An endless, recurring cycle of letting myself down was the story of my life….until today.

In my quest for bible knowledge, I was led to an online bible course. I signed up and began the course. I was drawn in from the beginning. With every bit of excitement, I was getting hit hard by Satan. He would tell me that I couldn’t do it, that I was gonna give up, and that I may as well just quit. For once, I put on my “I’m doing this or I’ll die trying” hat and kept pushing forward.

While being so weak that I could barely sit up, I took my final exam. I was worried that my illness had hindered my ability to absorb the information that I was needing to learn. Guess what? It didn’t!  Although it doesn’t say so on my certificate, I completed this course with a overall score of a “B+” I dedicated myself to learn…..and I did. Each day, I prayed for strength to see this through. God gave me the strength….and he can for you too 🙂

PHIL 4:13- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

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