Truth Is In the Word

Has someone ever told you something important that turned out to be a lie? Did this upset you greatly? Did it make you determined to uncover the truth? Well, that is what has inspired my mission for true biblical knowledge. As I have discovered, you cant just take one person’s word for it. If knowledge is power, when it comes to the bible, I want to be Superwoman!

My entire life, I had heard certain things that I thought to be true about God, about Jesus, or things that were supposed to be in the bible. After reading and researching, I have found that not all of what I was told was the truth. What was even worse was that I was told these things by people claiming to be true Christians. While reading my bible, I discovered that people being misled was prophesied and is the work of none other than Satan.

Knowing that I dont want to be misled, I have made it my goal to read my bible and learn everything that I possibly can. I have made it my personal quest to never believe the words of just anyone that claims that this or that is true. I now go to several sources when researching a topic. I do not confine myself to the teachings and beliefs of one denomination. I go to several different ones. I compile my findings and then compare them to what the bible actually says. The final word on any subject should be the word of God. After all………


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