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Esther: A Woman of Great Respect

Too often, in today’s world, young people find themselves looking for a role model. Most people look to an actor/actress, a rock star, a model…and so on. These types of people have qualities that draw others toward them, but who are they really? What is behind that smile? What is truly in their heart? There is a book that has been around for a long time with many people who would have been great role models, but we do not hear about them. What is that book? It is called the Bible. About a year or so ago, I was asked by a friend to read the book of Esther from the Bible. So, I dove in and read it. You should too 🙂
Esther, was a young Jewish maiden that lived with her older cousin Mordecai after her parents died. Mordecai took her in and loved her as his own daughter. He taught her about God, faith, and obedience. They lived as Jewish exiles in the Persian capital. At this time, the king Ahasuerus was the ruler. The king’s greatest rule was that NOBODY could come and see him unless he had summoned for them. Who would have ever thought that his own wife, Vashti, would be the one to break that rule? Well, she did. As a result, she was banished from the castle and stripped of her status. Now, what was the king to do for a queen? The king’s servants began searching for someone to be the new queen. Several young maidens were gathered for the king to choose among them. In the midst of them was Esther.
Esther was a beautiful woman. She had a great inner beauty to match the outside. A quality that really seems to be lacking in today’s world far too often. As such, she gained favor in the eyes of everyone who saw her. When it was time for her to be presented to the king, Esther never asked for additional items to further beautify herself to help her win the king’s heart. She knew that it was going to take more than outward beauty to become the king’s wife. And she was right. The king came to love Esther more than the others and so Esther became the new queen.
Did this new lifestyle change Esther’s attitude? Absolutely not! She never forgot who she was or where she came from. She never forgot the lessons that she learned from Mordecai about God. Esther was a fair, faithful, and honorable wife. But,with her new life, came some unexpected challenges. These challenges were not ordinary. She had to choose between saving her own people (the Jews), saving her cousin Mordecai, and risking her life by approaching the king without an invitation. What was she to do?
Now, to be honest, in a situation such as this I wouldn’t have remained calm and rational. I would have went off of the deep end, walked as fast as I could fuming the whole time, and went to the king and just shot my mouth off about everything. Esther, on the other hand, set the example that we all should be following. As I tell this, please keep in mind that Esther had the lives of the Jewish people on her mind, the life of her dear cousin that raised her on her mind, the knowledge that their lives were threatened by the very man that the king had appointed as his second in command, as well as the rule about not approaching the king without an invitation. Time was of the essence and Esther had to make a decision. This is how she handled the situation…
Esther, dressed in her best, made her way to the king’s court. When he saw her, he was surprised but decided to hear her anyway. He held out his golden scepter and allowed her to speak. Instead of just recounting the whole issue in front of everyone, she politely invited the king and his second in command, Haman to a banquet. When the time for the banquet had come, Esther thought that it was not the right time to tell the king. So, she invited the king and Haman to a second banquet. Little did anyone know that a chain of events had taken place for the second banquet to be the perfect time for Esther to tell everything to the king. After she told the whole story to the king, lets just say that Haman was history!
From the example that Esther set before us, we can see that there is more to a person that what is on the outside. Esther possessed a good heart, was a patient woman, and had a genuine respect for her husband as well as a love for her family. She had great faith and loved God. She behaved in a rational manner under the most trying circumstances. Isnt that the kind of role model we should be looking for?
For the full story, I encourage you all to read the book of Esther in the Bible.


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