My New Mission

005 (2)My spiritual journey has been a long one. There have been many twists and turns. I have met many people, heard a lot of interpretations of Scripture, and at times, felt like I was being pulled in several different directions. For me, those things just don’t work. All I am after is the truth. I dont want opinions, half truths, or religious ideas. I want the absolute truth of God’s word.

When I was attending church regularly, I did enjoy going. While I have nothing against preaching or a good parable, I noticed that in most cases the parable was talked about more than God’s word. As a new Christian, I felt lost on the scripture alone. So, the parable wasn’t making too much sense to me. I began feeling frustrated and disheartened. I didnt know what to do at first. Then it came to me. If I wanted to know God’s word, I should study it!

So I set out on a quest for knowledge. The only problem was that I didnt know where to start. So I sat down and started thinking about different things that I had been told that were in the bible. I went to Google and searched. Of course a bunch of sites popped up with all sorts of different translations. Yikes! Now what? I started studying with another lady at home and that helped…..for a while.

Between my failing health and being told that I should not do certain things that were not specifically mentioned in the bible, I grew very frustrated and quit the study. The last thing that I needed was more confusion and being bombarded with the things that I was doing wrong. After that, I felt myself slipping farther away from God…..and I didnt like that.

So, here I was with a tiny bit of bible knowledge, failing health, a lot of frustration, and 3 different translations of the bible as well as some study books. Thankfully, I quit being a quitter and tried to learn on my own again. Only this time, I decided not to listen to anyone else and just read. I picked a topic and researched for myself. My mother had given me my father’s big bible concordance book which has helped me a lot šŸ™‚

Once I got the idea that the bible is more than just a book….its a guide for life, I have developed a thirst for knowledge. I want and need to be on the right path. In addition to my own personal bible study, I have began an online bible course. I have taken a break from playing games, reading countless social media posts, and worrying about the opinions of others. A long overdue break! I have developed a new mission in life. That mission is to read, study, learn, and apply God’s word in my life!


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