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What I Learned From Job

Job 1 King James Version   Bible.comAt some point in life, we all face challenges. This can come in the form of a race challenge, a work challenge, a dare, or a challenge of faith. In my case, it’s been in the form of a challenge of my faith and my will to live. During this difficult time, I had the fortunate opportunity to read the book of Job. This book spoke volumes to me, and perhaps it will to you too.

Job was a upright man with God. He had great faith. Job was blessed with a wife, many children, friends, and great livestock. Things were going well for Job. As we are all aware, there is someone who just can’t stand for a human being to be prosperous and faithful…..Satan!

Satan, wanting to take over (as always), decides that he is going to challenge God. What was this challenge? Satan claimed that the only reason that anyone would believe in God and be faithful was because of God’s many blessings for mankind. He further charged that if those blessings were taken away, people would stop being faithful to God. In reply to Satan, God said that his servant Job would always be faithful no matter what. To make his claim known, God allowed Satan to afflict Job greatly……but not to kill him.

In Job’s life, everything was going great….until he received some bad news. He was informed that he had lost all of his livestock. This was Job’s way of earning a living, and now it was gone! But the worst news was yet to come. Not much later, Job received word that all of his children were killed in a roof collapse! I could not imagine how that must have felt. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Satan decided to strike Job with terrible and painful boils from head to toe!

At this point, Job was down in bed. He was in great pain, and I am certain grieving the loss of his children. After losses such as these, most of us would just want to throw up our hands and quit. Job surely didn’t! His wife came and told him to just curse God and die. What was Job’s reply? He told her that she was speaking as a fool. Job’s friends came to visit. They tried to reason with him and more or less give up on God. Did that work? NO!!! Job was steady in his faith and he endured it all.

After Satan was defeated (way to go Job), God rewarded Job greatly. Job was healed of his affliction, given more livestock than he had ever had, and was also blessed with 10 children. What lessons can we take away from this story? Sometimes we have to face challenges that there doesn’t seem to be a reason for. In my situation, I have prayed for healing, and often asked why this is happening to me. I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Perhaps my situation could be similar to Job’s. Maybe Satan believes that I will give up and follow him. I don’t see that happening considering that I am laying in the floor sick while typing this.

Another lesson to take away from the book of Job is the lesson of enduring trials and tribulations until the end while remaining faithful. The reward will be greater than anyone could imagine! Good things come to those who wait patiently and keep steadfast in their faith of our Heavenly Father.


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