How Far?

The Lord blessed me with this big mouth for a reason. I believe that I am about to find out why!

The times in which we are currently living are not the greatest to say the least. There are wars, hunger, deception, droughts, and religious freedoms taken away at an increasing pace. These things can be traced to the leaders of our nation….and I know that this is just the beginning. As Christians, I believe that the question that we should be asking ourselves is, “How far are we willing to go for our Lord?” For me, the answer is simple. I am willing to go all of the way.

In my 36+ years on this earth, I have seen many things. I have been part of great and wonderful things as well as sad and terrible things. I used to question why I had to endure so much heartache and pain….but not anymore. I believe that was all just training for the greatest battle of my life. The battle of religious freedom. The Lord blessed me with this big mouth for a reason. I believe that I am about to find out why.

I was given the “gift for gab” I guess you could say. I have always liked to read and write. I have always been very passionate about the things that I believe in. It has been my personal goal to always stand up for what I feel is right. Now, is no exception! For anyone who has read the Bible, you know what is coming our way. When it does, are you going to accept the mark of the beast, keep quiet about our Lord when threatened, and commune among the evildoers of this world? Like every other choice between standing up for what is right that I have ever had, I intend to go all of the way.

I realize, that in these last days, more and more freedoms are going to be taken away. The possibilty of my family being used against me will exist. The threat of starvation will be very evident. The ability to speak openly about God is already trying to be taken away. All across this nation, joblessness is felt. New laws and beliefs are being forced onto others on a daily basis. It will get worse and worse. As I sit here writing this, I am fully aware of all of the things that will be likely thrown at me. But, all of these bad things are of the world. God has promised us a land of eternal peace. That, is what I choose to focus on. Those here on earth may beat, starve, and persecute my flesh. But they cannot and WILL NOT take my soul! In the end, if I am murdered for my beliefs, so be it. I know that when this earthly torment is over, I will be in a land of everlasting peace and love.


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