Are We There Yet?

BeautyAs children, we would often ask our parents a very common question, “Are we there yet?” More than likely, after being asked that same question several times, our parents would become aggravated. When we reach adulthood, that little question comes back to haunt us. Our children ask us that. Somewhere in the middle of growing up, we stopped asking it. Maybe we shouldnt have. Instead of asking our parents, we should have been asking ourselves, “Am I there yet?”

This question can effect various areas of our lives. In terms of our careers, we should ask ourselves, “Am I where I want to be? Am I working to the best of my abilities? Am I there yet?” In terms of our marriages or relationships, we should be asking, “Am I considerate of my spouse? Am I the best that I can be? Am I there yet?” As a parent, we should ask ourselves, “Am I doing all that I can for my children? Am I teaching them the right things? Am I there yet?” Most importantly, in our walk with God, we should be asking ourselves this, “Am I where I need to be in my relationship with God? Am I there yet?”

More than likely, our answers to these questions would be a big “NO.” We should always constantly strive to better ourselves in our relationships, careers, and faith. Be the best that we can be. Work hard, stay honest and faithful, and always seek to be closer to God. In the end, our rewards will be great and abundant. Take a little extra time, go the extra mile, and extend a friendly hand to those in need. Work a little overtime, spend extra time with loved ones, and make more time for God in your life.

Above all else, our walk with God is the one area where we all need the most work. If you are not where you need to be in your relationship with God, that does not mean you are a sinner, backslider, or have failing faith. Only one perfect being walked this earth and his name was Jesus Christ. When considering that, we ALL have alot to live up to. While we should all be striving to be at our best in the eyes of God, it is so important that when we fall, (and we all will at some point) that we do not stay down. We should pick each other up, dust each other off, and continue our spiritual journey in unity.

                              TOGETHER WE STAND AND TOGETHER WE RISE

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